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Ovid® Synthesis Clinical Evidence Manager is a workflow management solution that organizes, standardizes, and accelerates quality improvement, evidence-based practice, and research projects across your institution.

Offering a single, cohesive view of projects, Ovid® Synthesis Clinical Evidence Manager creates transparency and reduces duplication across teams while also fostering collaboration within projects by streamlining the literature search, appraisal process, implementation, and dissemination. The intelligent design of Ovid® Synthesis Clinical Evidence Manager empowers staff to perform research more effectively and efficiently resulting in increased interest in quality improvement and a refreshed spirit of inquiry. No other solution will take your clinical practice improvement projects to the next level to ensure they are of the highest quality and based on the latest research insights and evidence.

Key benefits

  • Promotes project alignment to strategic plan and goals
  • High-level view that reduces duplication
  • Easy to use interface that engages team members of all skill levels
  • Standardized templates that can be configured to institution preferences
  • Collaboration across teams to eliminate silos
  • Easy access to projects for regulatory and accreditation requirements
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Key features

  • Program Management
  • Evidence Based Practice Search
  • Critical Appraisal
  • Implementation
  • Dissemination
  • Manages all projects in one place
  • Ability to standardize based on the organization’s methodologies used
  • Executive and project level dashboards
  • Filters and exports projects for critical surveys and accreditation
  • Built in clinical literature review
  • Save searches conducted within the tool
  • Easy import of research from any source
  • Allows multiple team members to collaborate and assess the latest research
  • Ability to customize critical appraisal templates
  • Automatically generates evidence table
  • Summarizes research findings with evidence tables, plus forms to help build the case for implementation
  • Built in templates based on QI Methodologies to guide implementation planning
  • Easily upload supporting documents
  • Promotes change management
  • Enables sharing, organizing and moving research forward for policy or procedural changes
  • Enables sharing project results across an organization for quicker adaption and implementation
  • Exports a summary or presentation directly from the tool
  • Summarizes research findings with evidence tables plus form to help build the case for implementation
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Single view

High-level view across the organization with executive and project-level dashboards provide real-time visibility.


Expert Insights

Provides guidance for all levels of skill, from beginner to advanced. Supports those without QI or EBP experience.



Use case templates lead to higher quality projects, resulting in better patient care and potential cost savings.



Eliminate silos, allowing project teams to work more efficiently together and fostering valuable and focused team discussions.

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