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Managing the needs of students, faculty, curriculum directors, librarians, and clinical directors is challenging for all institutions – traditional medical schools, community colleges, and research institutes alike. How do you guarantee the most up-to-date resources? How do you help them make the most of their time? You can’t ignore your budget, either. That’s why Ovid® is your first choice for supporting all stakeholders at work to ensure the success of future physicians.

Latest research evidence, backed by superior technology and support

With Ovid, there is no need to waste time juggling multiple platforms. A single access point brings students to over 1,300 non-embargoed, peer-reviewed journals, thousands of foundational textbooks and pioneering bibliographic databases, interactive tools for anatomy and procedural insight, and more. And precision search technology brings them to the information they’re looking for fast.

Why choose Ovid to support medical education?

  • Supports every facet of a medical education program: coursework, lectures (including flipped classrooms), clerkships, exams, clinicals, literature review, and article writing
  • Current, evidence-based content resources: journal articles, bibliographic databases, point-of-of-care content, 3D anatomy visualizations, textbooks, and more!
  • Instant 24/7 access – including mobile – to the Ovid platform
  • Simple, NLP-based platform offers searching as well as sophisticated search techniques
  • Nearly 100% platform availability for more than 8,000 institutions across 125 countries
  • Fast, integrated, precision searching of multiple resources with a single search query
  • Interactive multimedia and visualizations that demonstrate procedures, treatments, diagnosis, and physiology and pathology
  • Seamless integration of content and technology tools enables efficient research, training, curriculum planning, and clinical workflows — connect easily to your LMS, too!
  • Institutional logins make it easy for administrators to support all users.
  • Award-winning, 24/7 customer service and support in over a dozen languages
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